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What does the Super Neighborhood do?

We pool together area residents, civic clubs, community partners, home owner associations, government representatives, and more to work together for improvement of our area in southwest Houston.

For more information, read our Bylaws

How do I get involved to improve our community?

Join us at a meeting!

Who should I contact if I hear gun shots?

Call HPD without delay at 713-884-3131 (extension 1) so an officer can be sent to check the area.  Be prepared to give the closest intersection to where the gunshots may have been coming from, and how many shots were heard.  You can always ask to be anonymous when being asked for your name and number.

Who should I contact to file a noise complaint?

If it's a temporary issue, such as a loud party at a neighbor's house or a parked car with loud music, call HPD at 713-884-3131 (extension 1).

If it's an on-going issue, such as from an event center or banquet hall every weekend evening, call the local substation during normal business hours and ask for any on-duty officer in the Differential Response Team (DRT).  This officer will contact the business to deter loud noises that would violate city ordinances.  Most of Braeburn Super Neighborhood is patroled by the Gessner Substation at 832-394-4700, but for areas south of Beechnut and west of Bintliff St/McNamara Elementary, contact the Southwest Substation at 832-394-0400.

Who should I contact if I spot a burned out street light?

Contact CenterPoint Energy using the online tool at  If the street light was using a yellow traditional style bulb, it will be replaced with modern white LED lighting.

Who should I contact for neighborhood infrastructure complaints or questions?

Most neighborhood infrastructure issues are handled by the City of Houston, which can be notified either online at, via phone at 713-837-0311, or via the smartphone app Citizen311Portal.  This covers potholes, traffic concerns, bandit signs (illegal roadside advertisements), non-permitted buildings, and more.  If it's not a City of Houston issue, the 311 reps try to direct us to the correct agency.  If you're not sure where to direct an issue or question, or how to advocate for an infastructure issue, please join us at one of our meetings!

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