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Next Steps and Vote: Wanda/Fondren Closing: Traffic Study Meeting

May 12, 2023

Neighbors and Stakeholders,

I want to thank those of you that attended the April 27, City of Houston NTMP Traffic Study session. This was the second stakeholder session to discuss the proposed temporary barrier. The city delivered their presentation and provided an update on the program and the proposed concept to install a full closure temporary barrier at Wanda and Fondren.

The purpose of last Thursday's meeting was to address inquiries from attendees, review the data and discuss next steps which incudes a vote on the proposed barrier.

The immediate next steps is for one member of each single family home household, business or other entity to submit a vote from the three options provided.

Bonhomme Acres NTMP - City of Houston April 27 Presentation 

Bonhomme Acres Public Announcement- City of Houston Meeting Notice with Voting Options and Comment Card

Those options include:

1. "I DO support the plan" - this affirms your support of the installation of the temporary structure of a full closure at Wanda and Fondren for 3-6 months. If the majority of respondents select this option, the program continues.

2. "I DO NOT support the plan" - if majority of respondents select this option, then the project will end and we will need to wait a minimum of three years before an application can be submitted.

3. "I SUPPORT the plan, but WITH MODIFICATIONS" - if majority or respondents select this option, then the city will go back and work with the committee to review the modification comments provided, and identify a new modified concept to present for another vote.

Please note that this does not mean we start the entire process over, we simply go back one step. You should respond by either returning the meeting notice you received in the mail that includes the comment card or vote using the link provided in the notice. The city has requested that all responses are submitted by May 12.

Here is the link if your prefer to vote on line. When you enter the site you will need to select the project titled "7134-21 Bonhomme Acres, comment due on 5/12/2023". You will then search for your address, and then select your option.

Please note that stakeholders (homes, businesses, churches, schools, etc) within the half mile radius of the location (Wanda and Fondren) of the proposed barrier are eligible to vote.

You have until May 12 to submit your vote. Electronic copies of the meeting notice and presentation power point have been shared with all committee members from Braeburn Valley I & II and Bonham Acres.

Should you need a copy please reach out to your neighborhood board leadership.

If you have any questions or need additional information, you may reach out to me at the email below.

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