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Council Meetings are held in-person every other month at the Bayland Community Center. Previous meeting minutes and upcoming agendas are found below. To RSVP to an upcoming meeting, please return to the homepage and scroll down to "Upcoming Events"

Meetings will also be available to stream over Zoom with the information linked below.

May '23 Meeting Agenda

Braeburn Super Neighborhood #30 has been asked, by Mayor Turner, to participate in the Neighborhood Resilience Initiative in cooperation with the City of Houston Planning Department. Since there has been an ongoing conversation regarding the City of Houston’s future plans for our area, we are happy to participate. To begin the process, I am attaching a link to two questionnaires, below, which I ask you to fill out and forward by next Wednesday. Our speaker for the meeting is Lynn Henson, Division Manager of Community and Regional Planning within the City of Houston’s Planning and Development Department. She will use your response as a template for our discussion.

This discussion will undoubtedly take up most of the meeting. The other item on the agenda is a resolution that will be brought to the floor by Reese Ermis. It states:

“Consideration of and possible adoption of a resolution authorizing the board to write a letter to METRO Board of Directors supporting a preferred alternative route for the METRORapid Gulfton Corridor to end at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital / Houston Christian University by running the line in the Hillcroft Ave median south of Bellaire Blvd, turning southwest on Bissonnet St past Fonteno Senior Center, then west on Beechnut St to Brae Acres Rd.”

This resolution is in response to Metro’s plan for a dedicated bus lane which, currently, would end at Hillcroft and Beechnut. Neighborhood leaders in this area feel the public would be better served to provide rapid transportation to the businesses along Bissonnet rather than the neighborhoods adjacent to the Hillcroft/Beechnut intersection. If approved, we will send the resolution to Metro and District J.

Meeting Agenda for May 11, 2023

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 824 4650 6058

Passcode: 446212

Call to Order


Speaker Henson

Committee Reports:

  • Community Safety and Quality of Life

  • Stakeholder/Delegate Recruitment

  • Residential Community Projects and Infrastructure

  • Communication

Metro Resolution



March '23 Meeting Agenda


Call To Order


Presentation by Taylor Marcantel, Metro Planning Program Manager

Guest Speaker, County Commissioner Lesley Briones


Old Business:

  • Follow-up on the Cypress project

New Business

  • Discussion regarding Braes Oaks Management District


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 850 1109 1759

Passcode: 224074

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